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Testimonials from satisfied clients


Rachel, Practising Lawyer

I have visited a number of colonic clinics over the last 20 years. I originally sought treatment in the hope that it would improve my eczema – in fact it cured it! I have been a convert ever since – I believe colonic treatments are helpful not only for digestive and bowel problems but also that they engender a general sense of harmony and wellbeing. I recently visited Savitri at her clinic on Rodney Street. Firstly, it's important to say how lovely Savitri is – she's welcoming and immediately puts you at ease. Her extensive knowledge of her profession is clear from the start. Savitri uses the classic original gravitational method for colonics which requires a significant level of skill and judgment from the therapist. Having had treatments which use the original gravity method and treatments which use a colon machine (where the whole process is automated) I can say from experience that the original gravity method is superior. I believe that not only are the results superior but as it requires the therapist to fully engage with the patient throughout the treatment the approach is more holistic and tailored to each patient's symptoms as the treatment progresses. Having had 2 treatments with Savitri and with more planned for the future I am happy to highly recommend her clinic and her skills as a colonic therapist.


Pam McVitie, Personal Trainer

Having colonic with Savitri changed my life. That is the simple truth of it. I had suffered from irritable bowel before medics even had a name for it. In fact, when I was in my teens, my doctor sent me to Alder Hey for specialist stomach x-rays because I suffered so much pain. The problem continued well into my adult life and I was prescribed all the medicines on the market like colpermin, buscopan, fibogel. Nothing made a dent in the spasms and the constipation. Finally, a close friend of mine suggested I try colonic with Savitri whom she had met through a work colleague. I bit the bullet and made the appointment. On arrival at the clinic I immediately felt at ease with Savitri. We had a full consultation where she asked me all about my medical history and my stomach problems prior to the actual treatment. She also explained about following up with treatment with acidophillus tablets in order to restore your stomach's natural healthy bacteria. I didn't know what to expect and I was a little nervous just because, by its very nature, the treatment is quite intimate. But Savitri was professional, discreet and totally respectful of my privacy, so much so that my friend, who came with me for moral support, was actually able to stay in the room with me during the colonic. The treatment, while feeling slightly unusual until you get used to it, doesn't hurt at all. It is not embarrassing, unpleasant or unsanitary in any way. I could not believe how good I felt immediately afterwards. The bloating was gone, the spasms were gone and I literally had a spring in my step. I had a treatment every two weeks for the next eight or so weeks and I was cured. From then on, I just had maintenance treatment every three or six months, depending on whether I felt I needed it. In truth, I have never suffered from debilitating irritable bowel since. I would recommend that anyone who suffers from this condition invest in treatment with Savitri. It ended years of misery for me and could do the same for you.


Amy (Senior school Maths teacher)

I have been suffering from constipation for the last 18 months. I often felt bloated, windy and suffered from stomach cramps. Sometimes I would go a week without going to the toilet and heavily relied on laxatives. I went to the doctors who ran blood tests but couldn't find anything wrong and told me to simply eat more fibre. Deciding to go to see Savitri is the best decision I've made. After my first treatment I felt so much better I couldn't believe how backed up I was ( so much so I was 3lbs lighter.) Savitri also recommended herbal formula tablets to help me go to the toilet if I had any issues after the treatment which are the best I've ever used. I've now just finished my 2nd treatment and I feel like my bowel is finally starting to work properly. Savitri is brilliant and so professional. She makes me feel really comfortable and has never rushed me after a treatment. She also texts me after the treatment with any after care and is happy to offer advice when ever I need it. I have recommended her to my friends and family.


Christine Chadwick

For many years I suffered with chronic constipation. I experienced one bowel movement per month with great difficulty, laxatives never made any difference. I contacted The Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinic in Rodney Street and Savitri advised me to purchase the herbal cleansing capsules prior to having a colonic treatment. The herbal capsules certainly worked and I released a huge amount. I booked in to have a series of treatments and have never looked back. I am a different person and can lead a normal life; free of pain, bloatedness and lethargy. Savitri advised me to eat healthy and to reduce my wheat intake, this made a huge difference. I continue to have colonics and feel wonderful.


Rachel Christie

I suffered with constipation which made me feel sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable. After a series of colonic treatments I felt an amazing difference, the bloated ness and discomfort ceased. I never realized how stress and an unhealthy diet were related to constipation. Savitri advised me about eating healthy and explained all the factors which contributed to constipation. I found laxatives did not agree with me. I purchased the herbal capsules reluctantly as I thought they would give me cramps but to my surprise they have not given me cramps and cleanse my system, alongside healthy eating habits and managing my stress.